Our impact


Reflection is an inbuilt element of the training we provide, and allows us to measure the impact of the support we offer.

On teachers – confidence and skills

Throughout session 2014-15, we undertook an ambitious programme of Professional Learning with over a thousand teachers in the West of Scotland, through the Global Learning Programme Scotland (GLP-S). Baseline and follow up assessments demonstrated that in the vast majority of cases, the teachers felt significantly more confident and knowledgeable as Global Citizenship practitioners and more able to embed this in practice after working with WOSDEC.

"My concept of a global citizen has developed. I am now fully aware of how this involves all curricular areas. I understand why the emphasis is clearly placed on developing Global Citizenship.” GLP-S teacher
"My practice has come a long way. I am Modern Studies and these key concepts I am familiar with. However, I have learned very important practical examples to better inform pupils.” GLP-S teacher
“WOSDEC always encourage professional dialogue, share examples of best practice and support delegates to turn their learning into teaching practice.”  Inverclyde Development Officer
"All our staff now recognise the need to put LfS at the heart of the curriculum, and have used many of the techniques and strategies shared on the WOSDEC training" GC Coordinator, St Michael’s Primary, Dumfries and Galloway
"The baseline was very revealing. It really showed where things are at. We are just reinforcing stereotypes. There were so many negatives...(however)...Stereotypes are now absent and views are more balanced. In the focus group conversations children talked about things they could learn from Malawian children.” from Failte Malawi project
"This approach is so different... we are finally teaching skills and attitudes.” from Failte Malawi project
"This was an excellent course that made me reflect as a practitioner.  This course has provided me with the tools I need to embed this into practice and I now feel much more confident." Teacher, Barmulloch Primary, Glasgow
"It struck me that when she had something to say, or she thought she could have an impact, she was really interested. Pupils said ‘we liked that we felt we could do something’. It made me realise a lot of the time children are quite disenfranchised from the political process, or just learning in general. As soon as this pupil had a chance to make a difference, she was all about it.” Probationer
“As a result of WOSDEC training staff confidence has increased and our school has moved forward on their journey through LfS.” GC Coordinator, Tinto Primary, Glasgow
“The workshop was pitched perfectly and has given us real support to take Rights based learning forward in the planning stages.” Headteacher, Mosspark Primary, Glasgow
"After attending the WOSDEC conference I came back excited and enthused and wanted to link up all the things we were already doing in the school and move us further along the journey. Thank you for igniting a new passion for this very important area." GC Coordinator, West Dunbartonshire